We now offer fully seasoned, quality hardwood firewood! Our firewood is split by Happy Grass so you will get hand selected firewood that is free from rot, or unsatisfactory pieces. We offer free delivery within Stratford and also offer stacking services. Call us today! (203)-521-6778


Have you ever ordered firewood from other companies only to receive a rotten, dirty, unsatisfactory pile of wood?  Well we have great news, Happy Grass Landscaping is now offering quality firewood that goes beyond the industry standard! We source our logs from a single local company who only delivers quality hardwoods. We then cut to length and split each log individually allowing us to control the size and quality of each piece that is stored for seasoning. From there, our firewood is seasoned for no less than an entire year to allow it to completely season to a satisfactory moisture content that is perfect for home heating and ambiance. We offer free delivery within 15 miles of Stratford, CT and also provide stacking services.

We also offer custom sized, custom built firewood racks!

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